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Manage Your Membership

We know that busy New Yorkers have lots on their schedules, so at New York Health & Racquet Club
we make every effort to make sure that making occasionally necessary changes to your
NYHRC membership is simple, straightforward and easy.

Please note that the majority of these questions in this section are answered for “Individual” members.
If you have a corporate membership, please email corpwellness@nyhrc.com for more information.

To create a MICO account on nyhrc.com:

  1. Click Register
  2. Type in agreement number & personal information
    • If you do not know agreement number: Click Retrieve Agreement Number
  3. Click Continue
    • If you have more than one member included in your agreement, there is an additional step of typing in the barcode and then clicking continue.
  4. Create a USERNAME AND PASSWORD, click Register and Sign In!

You are now ready to Sign In to MY ACCOUNT.

Logging on to MY ACCOUNT allows you to view accuracy of personal information, look up NYHRC member information such as home club, agreement number, agreement type, payment history and check-in history. In addition, you are also able to change your password and register for classes.

Visit our cancellation page for individual and corporate members and fill out the appropriate form. You will receive an automated receipt.

Under New York state law, you have up to three days from the beginning of your membership to cancel and receive a full refund. Refunds may take up to 15 days to be processed. If it has been longer than 15 days since you submitted your cancellation request, please send an email to memberservices@nyhrc.com and we will be happy to follow up with you.

For individual members, just stop by the front desk of any club, speak to the manager or send an email to memberservices@nyhrc.com.

For corporate members please email corpwellness@nyhrc.com.

Freezes are periods of time during which your membership is temporarily suspended. Freezes are done in 30 day increments for up to three months per year. (If you are freezing for a medical reason, you may freeze for up to six months in a year by providing a doctor’s note stating you are unable to workout for six months or more with your request.) There is a $25 fee each time your membership is placed on freeze.

If you are a prepaid or paid in full member, freezes are done in 30 day increments and the time will be added onto the expiration date of your membership. If you are a monthly billing member, freezes are done in 30 day increments from billing date to billing date. Please note that the freeze will be removed from the account if you check into the club. Freezing does not override the 30 day notice cancellation policy.

To freeze your membership simply stop by the front desk of any club and speak with the manager, or send an email to memberservices@nyhrc.com.

FOR CORPORATE MEMBERS- To freeze your account please email corpwellness@nyhrc.com.

If you are a pre-paid or paid in full member you may transfer your membership to another member, friend or family member by filling out a quick form at the front desk of any location. There is a one time $50 transfer fee to transfer your membership. Please note that monthly billing memberships may not be transferred.


  • Member may purchase individual sessions or a series of sessions for the services offered by NYHRC. All rates are subject to change without notice at the sole discretion of NYHRC. Series are valid only when Membership is in effect, and any unused balance is non-refundable unless the Membership is cancelled under terms of Section 1 or 2 of the TERMS OF CANCELLATION in your agreement.
  • Member must give 24 hour notice to cancel any session, or Member will be charged for the service.
  • Member will be assigned a PIN for service redemption, which should not be shared with anyone.


The following “Paid Services” are not covered by basic membership in NYHRC and must be purchased separately by you at an additional cost: NYHRC Yacht, Kids Swim Program, Swim Lessons, Babysitting, Locker Rental, Laundry, Massage, and certain other Paid Services. Additional Paid Services may be offered by NYHRC in the future. You may pay additional fees for Paid Services only when membership is in effect. Paid Services may not be frozen. Sales of Paid Services are final, non-transferable and non-refundable, unless the Paid Service is cancelled under Sections 2.1 or 2.2 of this Agreement or unless otherwise set forth herein. Additionally, any Paid Services not used prior to the cancellation or expiration of NYHRC membership will automatically expire and are non-refundable.

*All services are purchased from NYHRC, not any particular staff member. In the event of the departure from NYHRC of the assigned employee, NYHRC will reassign another employee.

Earn rewards for working out, completing sessions, referring friends & more to redeem NYHRC swag. Join our Rewards Program today.

All children must be accompanied at all times by a parent or guardian, or swim instructor. Swimmers must be toilet trained, as swim diapers are not permitted. Children 5 years of age and older are not permitted in the opposite sex dressing area. For a fee of $10.00 per child, each Member may bring up to 2 toilet-trained children to use the pool on weekends during the club's designated KIDS SWIM hours. Guest entrance policies and fees are subject to change without notice.

You may use this card at any NYHRC location when making a payment towards all eligible new memberships. This is not a credit/debit card and has no implied warranties. New York Health & Racquet Club is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged cards or any unauthorized card use. Card is redeemable for new memberships only. Any unused value will be automatically applied to future payment on monthly billed memberships. Card is not transferrable. Purchaser may buy multiple gift cards. Only (1) gift card may be redeemed for (1) new membership. Not valid for renewals, Pan Am or Manoco affiliates, and all corporate memberships. Must be used by March 31st, 2018.

When Group Fitness class is in session, Members and Guests may not engage in conversations in the classroom or immediate vicinity. No one is permitted to join any class ten (10) minutes after the class has begun. All class participants must be respectful of the instructor and follow their direction for the safety of the entire class. NYHRC reserves the right to add or delete classes or limit class size when necessary. Gum chewing is prohibited in fitness studios. Use of the studio sound systems without the direct supervision of a NYHRC staff member is prohibited. While class is not in session, NYHRC has discretion as to whether to permit Members to use the studio.

Our clubs are for the enjoyment of all NYHRC Members and Guests. To enhance your workout experience, we ask that all Members and Guests follow the guidelines of common club etiquette:

Abide by any time limitations either posted or stated verbally by NYHRC staff for all cardiovascular equipment, pool lanes, or spas. When using strength training equipment, allow other Members to “work-in” with you, meaning take turns between sets. Wipe down any perspiration left on any piece of equipment. Return all weights and equipment to their proper rack after use. Practice proper personal hygiene. Refrain from offering unsolicited advice to other Members.

Membership Amenities

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