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NYHRC Collaboration with Life Time

October 4, 2019

Dear Member,

As we previously shared with you in July, our Cooper Square location will be transitioning to a Life Time HRC club. The Cooper Square location will be closing for renovations on December 1, 2019.

Life Time is investing in excess of $25 million dollars, renovating this location along with the 23rd St.(in progress), 21st St., and 56th St.) locations to the highest standards, and will begin operating this location upon the completion of the renovations.

Due to the inconvenience of the transition, all members with home clubs that are impacted by this announcement who are still within a commitment period either in a paid-in-full or monthly billing (EFT) committed membership will be receiving an additional two months added to their membership. These complimentary months will be added to the end of their commitment term. Corporate members will receive 2 complimentary months when possible, dependent on their company’s current program with NYHRC.

The following section includes various membership options for you to consider upon the closure of this club:

  • After the closure of this club, home clubs members can continue their membership with any of the continuing NYHRC locations including our Whitehall, 45th St., 13th St., and 76th St. locations.

  • Members that currently have access to only this location and decide to continue their membership with NYHRC will be upgraded to an All Access NYHRC membership when this location closes on December 1, 2019. This will grant them access to all of the continuing NYHRC locations includingour Whitehall, 45th St., 13th St., and 76th St. locations.

  • Home club members of this location may alternatively choose to sign a new membership agreement with Life Time so that they can access their Life Time HRC location of choice once it isreopened. Once their chosen Life Time HRC club reopens, Life Time will, as a goodwill gesture, either honor the time remaining on their committed term (not to exceed 12 months) provided they continue to pay the committed monthly dues amount to Life Time or honor the time remaining on their prepaid period, as applicable.

  • Life Time will also honor the greater of any earned NYHRC tenured months or the 2 months of complimentary membership (if any awarded by NYHRC). If this option is elected, members will be required to sign Life Time’s membership documents (set to activate upon their chosen Life Time club’s reopening) and must simultaneously terminate their NYHRC membership agreement.

  • Once their chosen Life Time HRC club opens, their honored access period described above will begin, after which all standard Life Time membership rates and provisions will apply. Corporate members may receive 2 complimentary months when possible, dependent on their company’s current program with NYHRC.

  • Members who choose to sign an agreement with Life Time and terminate their NYHRC membership will also, once their Life Time membership is activated, have access to all clubs nationwide that are operated by Life Time and their affiliates until their honored access period expires.

  • Renderings of the upcoming renovations for this location can be found at lifetime.life/HRC.

Staff will also be available at each NYHRC location to answer any questions you may have regarding club access. Alternatively, you can email membership services at memberservices@nyhrc.com or if you have a corporate account please e-mail corpwellness@nyhrc.com.

Thank you for your support of NYHRC. It has been a pleasure serving you.

Sincerely, New York Health & Racquet Club

Visit lifetime.life/HRC for more information regarding renovations

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