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If you’re finding yourself growing bored of your mundane routine, it might be time to switch things up by taking a class at a health club in NYC. With over 650 NYHRC classes to choose from, you are sure to find your sweat, have fun, and learn something new.

Extra Motivation and Support: Quitting isn’t an option when you have a community to work out with. Other participants can keep you motivated for those last grueling five minutes of your workout. And since the classes are timed, you won’t be tempted to cut your workout short.

Motivating Instructors: If you’re new to the class environment, instructors can train you how to properly perform a variety of workouts and train you in new ways. NYHRC classes include everything from swimming to strength training, and from yoga to cycle to Zumba classes! Each class has a motivating instructor who can answer questions and give guidance while you are working out.

Group Fitness Guidelines: Please arrive to class on time. If you require any exercise modifications, please arrive early so you can speak with the instructor. This will insure that you are not missing the introduction and the warm up. Our professional Group Fitness instructors will give you options within the GF Choreography for each class. Our goal is to give every member a positive experience and will give everyone the opportunity to be successful.

No Special Gear Required: All you need is your clothes and to show up. All equipment is available in the studios. This is much more convenient than trying to create your own home gym to exercise in.

Not sure what you’re looking for yet? Choose from one of our many classes above or contact us to learn more.

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