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Yoga Classes

Connect mind to body and transform.

Flow class including salutations with an emphasis on linking breath and movement, strength and form.
Vigorous and challenging mindful flow to strengthen your practice.
A flow class with emphasis on alignment and form using block & or straps.
Dynamic postures for strength and balance, combined with passive long-held postures for flexibility and calm.
Vinyasa flow with light weights to target and strengthen muscles.
Gentle movement and stretching combined with guided meditation.
Yoga flow using elements of our natural world including earth, fire, water, & air.
Calm the mind and improve focus with guided imagery and breath.
A series of postures to warm the body ending with restorative meditation.
Suitable for beginners with focus on alignment and stretching.
Finder inner peace on our beautiful sundeck at 23rd St. this season. Outdoor Yoga will expand your practice, connect your spirit with nature, experiencing a sunnier yoga flow.
A NYHRC Exclusive
A beautiful standing and seated 45 minute practice designed for yogis on the run. UpRight Yoga will also benefit those taking a dog break as well (easy on the wrists & shoulders) Pour on a cup of warrior 1 & 2 and a tree pose or 2 and see what happens.
A NYHRC Exclusive
Yoga 4 Runners is a stress buster and an alignment based yoga class geared towards athletes and runners. It will improve flexibility, build strength and aid in breathing & recovery.

Yoga Classes in NYC

Yoga connects mind and body to give you not only a physical workout, but also a mental focus. It increases flexibility and balance, so many people turn to it when they are struggling with poor posture or joint pain. By linking breath to movement, you can gain focus and decrease stress. Because of its physical and emotional benefits, yoga has quickly risen in popularity in recent years.

The Class for Everyone: Yoga classes are great for people of all ages. NYHRC offers all types of yoga classes from the practice of Vinyasa with sun salutations to a “Pumped Up” version that incorporates the use of light weights to gentle stretch and balance classes that improve mobility.

Improve Performance: Yoga can be used with other forms of exercise, too, such as strength training, martial arts, and dance. Many athletes who focus on sports related activities also include it as part of their regular workout routine because it helps them to avoid injury and gain more focus and concentration. Connect mind to body and reap the transformative results.

Contact us today to learn more about the different yoga classes we offer at our fitness clubs in NYC. With variations in intensity and location, you are bound to find the class that work best for your body and your schedule.

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