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Stretch Classes

Improve flexibility, range of motion and lengthen muscles.

A stretch & flexibility technique, born from the world of dance. The Lastics® technique articulates and elongates muscle from end to end.
A powerful stretch workout influenced by Tai Chi, Ying Yang and Chi Gung.
A dynamic stretch & core class for athletes
Focus on flexibility, range of motion, posture, & alignment

Stretch Classes

Sitting at a desk all day takes a toll on the body. Most of us need to stretch more in our daily lives than we actually do. While a fitness class may be a great idea to get the much-needed exercise, our body needs to be flexible enough to endure workouts. In addition, stretch classes can offer multiple benefits for the body.

Posture Correction: Good posture is not just pleasant to look at, but also impacts the muscles that support your entire body frame. Regular stretching helps relax these muscles, leading to improved body alignment.

Enhance Your Workout Performance: Stretching increases blood flow to the muscles, which can help improve performance in other types of workouts. This also means that more nutrients are supplied to your muscles, shortening recovery time between sets. Good blood flow, relaxed muscles, and lubricated joints are important for fitness and enhanced workout efficiency.

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NYHRC runs a number of Stretch Classes at various health fitness clubs throughout New York City. Stretch more to maintain a healthy body and a relaxed mind. Choose from one of these classes TODAY!

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