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Strength Classes

Tone, sculpt, and define your body.

An intense total body workout with strength intervals and cardio segments.
Fast-paced strength training that conditions the entire body.
Intense power training that combines strength intervals with cardio segments.
Combines athletic movement, functional training, and athletic drills.
Functional training with a spirit of teamwork to build strength and increase endurance.
Targets the mid and lower body.
Taught by Mr. Abs himself, this class will take your core to the max.
Focuses on abs and obliques to tone and tighten the core.
Full body workout designed to strengthen and tone the whole body.
Targets arms, abs and glutes.
A total body workout using a six-foot body band for strength, length, & balance.
Sculpting class that combines strength with barre training techniques.
Cardio drills are interspersed with strength training in active rest.
Challenging total body format from BeachBody.
Sculpting class with cardio drills to target the whole body.
Intense core and endurance training chock full of planks.
*NYHRC exclusive* A fast paced Rhythmic Barre Free class. ASSETS includes elements from Dance and intense Ballet inspired exercises. Focus is on chiseling the butt and thighs and improving your ASSETS.

Strength Training Classes in NYC

Regardless of your fitness goals or gender, strength training should be implemented in everyones exercise program. Strength training is key to burning fat, losing weight, and increasing lean muscle and longevity. With the proper strength training program, you can achieve the slender lean body you’ve always wanted or gain the muscle you’ve always desired.

Higher Bone Density: When weight is progressively put on the bones with strength training, they react to the stress by increasing in density. The bones also become slightly larger to withstand the pressure. This helps to prevent bone loss and osteoporosis.

Better Joint Health: Strength training helps prevent injuries, as it stabilizes and makes the joints and ligaments stronger. The joints become more lubricated from the repetitive movements, and the ligaments won’t tear from stress as easily.

Higher Metabolism: The more muscle tissue that a person has, the better their metabolism is. That is because muscles help burn calories. So those who are struggling with weight loss may want to give strength training a try.

From Boot Camp and P90X®, to Barre focused training techniques, there is a strength training class out there for everyone’s style. Sculpt and define your body with the above classes or contact us to learn more.

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