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Pilates Classes

Improve strength, flexibility and posture.

Total body workout that restores muscular balance, strengthens and stretches the body.
Experience the power of the Pilates Magic Circle as you restore muscular balance, strengthen, and stretch the entire body.
A pilates and dance based workout, requiring deep muscle work to strengthen and lengthen.
A total body, equipment free workout that sculpts a rock solid core and a lean dancer's body like nothing else can.

Pilates Classes

Pilates is a great workout for those looking to increase core muscle strength. The core muscles consist of the abs, lower back, and hip muscles. These are key to maintaining overall stability of the body. The best part is that Pilates can easily be modified according to specific goals, allowing your body to adapt over time.

Improve Core Strength: The core muscles are necessary for good posture and for preventing lower back pain and muscle injury. Pilates help to strengthen the core, offering better support for the body frame. Another great benefit is that it helps shape the abdominal muscles, leading to better looking abs!

Fullbody Workout: Although the exercises focus on core strength, your entire body will get trained in an integrated way. It won’t be like other types of workouts, where some muscles are worked more than others. This is why Pilates is so popular with athletes.

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NYHRC offers Pilates Classes at various fitness club spots across New York City. Get those sleek abs and overall fitness by joining one of these classes.

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