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Fusion Classes

Mix it up, amp the fun and learn something new.

Full-body workout from BeachBody that combines the muscle sculpting elements of Pilates with the strength and flexibility of yoga.
A circular methodology that works the entire body on seven natural spinal movements.
Blend of Pilates, stretching, and sculpting to tighten and tone.
Cardio, Strength & Flexibility are the 3 components of Fitness, fuse them together and see what happens.

Fusion Classes

Each type of exercise has its own benefits, since they work on specific parts of the body. But how can you get the advantages of different workouts all in one place? This is where fusion exercise classes can help. By combining exercise types, such as cardio, Pilates, yoga, and strength training, your mind and body are constantly challenged to achieve more.

Target All Areas: Make your workout more useful by targeting different fitness aspects, such as stability, agility, core strength, balance, endurance, and more! This will keep the blood flowing and prevent boredom caused by monotonous workouts.

Manage Workouts Even When Busy: If you are a busy professional and find it difficult to stick to a long fitness routine, merging exercise forms can work very well for you. Fusion classes can be modified from short bursts to long durations, based on your needs.

Want to know about some exciting workout combinations, read our online magazine http://nyhrc.tv/magazine/.

NYHRC provides Fusion Classes at a number of fitness club venues throughout the city. Get the best out of different workouts by opting for one of the fusion classes above.

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