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Cycling Classes

Exhilarating rides that burn calories and increase endurance.

Emphasis on movement fundamentals and technique.
A challenging and fun bootcamp style ride.
Full body cardio cycle workout with HIIT intervals using light weights and bands.
Precise and intense ride in a 30 minute format.
Cross training cycle workout.
A NYHRC Exclusivegoal based, distance based indoor cycling ride with outdoor themes bringing the outdoor ride inside.
The ride is road based featuring a mix of intervals, hills and endurance segments. Through the use of our cycle monitors, participants will be able to record their goals and weekly distance on The NYHRC App.
After each 6 week themed series your personal best will be rewarded.
High Intensity Interval Training meets the road with a time saving cardio/strength workout.

Cycling Classes in NYC

Who needs to risk cycling through city traffic to get a workout in when you can do it more safely indoors? Cycling on a stationary bike is great for building muscle endurance, losing weight, and improving your cardiovascular health. It is also a low impact form of exercise that is gentle on the joints, great for those with injuries that limit their capacity for impact.

The Best Stationary Bikes: The stationary bikes (known as spin bikes) at NYHRC health clubs can go as fast as you can pedal, so there is no need to worry that they are going to slow you down. The resistance of the bikes can be adjusted, too, which helps you have a similar experience to riding uphill on the open road. In fact, they can even be adjusted to a trail setting. This will give you a lot of highs and lows to pedal through, allowing you to focus on High Intensity Interval Training!

The Ultimate Cycling Experience: On top of the ability to test out top-notch bikes, you can choose to cycle alone or with a cycling class. Many people choose to do both, so they can get the ultimate workout every time. Rides in a group class are a great way to join our community, fun, paced to music, and push you farther and faster.

For an exhilarating class aimed to increase your endurance and burn calories, check out our different cycling classes offered at NYHRC and join now!

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