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Cardio Classes

High energy blasts that burn calories and increase your metabolism.

Challenging, low impact exercise with high impact fun on individual rebounders.
A high energy, cardio workout that utilizes safe & stable rebounding shoes for a fun, high intensity workout that burns calories. (Boots provided)
An exciting and powerful workout that combines strength drills, athletic movement & rowing intervals.
A NYHRC exclusive calorie burning Interval Hoop Training workout. (Hoops provided)

Cardio Classes in NYC

Joining a cardio class at an NYC fitness club is intensive; it works the lungs, heart, and the largest groups of muscles in the body. With cardio, you can achieve more than just developing a lean physique! It also decreases high blood pressure, improves circulation, and reduces inflammation. Inflammation is one of the main causes of many chronic diseases, such as diabetes and heart conditions.

Burn More Fat: Cardio, in addition to a balanced strength training program, burns a high amount of calories, making it a great way to lose weight and burn fat.

Cardio Intensity: You can work your way up, starting at a low intensity and pushing to a high cardio intensity. We highly recommend doing a combination of low and high intensities. This is called HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), which is the most effective way to maximize your cardio work.

Want to know more about how to maximize your cardio, go to our online magazine

NYHRC has a variety of different cardio classes available at various fitness club locations across the city. Increase your metabolism and live a better life with NYHRC.

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