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Boxing & Martial Arts Classes

KO your routine and charge your energy as you learn skills, sequence and technique.

Non-stop workout that combines strength training and cardio kick combos.
Circuit based boxing class with partner drills using gloves and mitts.
Intermediate to advanced partner impact circuits, using mitts and kicking pads with focus on punching, kicking, and technique.
Cardio friendly boxing class incorporating jabs & kicks. All levels welcome.
Combines boxing with aerobic drills with gloves and heavy bags to find your edge and knock it out.
An ancient Chinese martial arts system of paced exercises and breath.
A practice based on traditional Japanese karate, blending body, mind & spirit.
Be aware, be mindful, and be ready. Learn the tools you need for self-defense.
Use boxing, kickboxing, and Muay Thai combinations mixed with fat-blasting cardio & bodyweight moves in this MMA inspired workout from BeachBody.

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