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Bodywork Classes

Find body restoration with a deep release of your muscles.

Reduces muscle tension with MELT® roller to restore, balance and rehydrate.
Rebalance, strengthen, and stabilize muscles with a MELT® to move more efficiently.
Blends the MELT® class with stretching to increase flexibility, rehydrate connective tissue, and improve movement.
Releases muscles through the use of foam rollers and small balls.
Self massage with props to release tight muscles, calm the nervous system and improve performance.

Bodywork Classes in NYC

Bodywork focuses on the deeper connection between the mind and body. Classes can release physical and emotional resistance to heal the body.

Find Body Restoration: Massage promotes relaxation and relief from stress that may be contributing to the pain and illness, and it increases blood flow throughout the body. Blood also carries important nutrients and oxygen, and helps the body heal.

Deep Muscle Release: Bodywork also improves posture and helps a person release negative emotions that have been suppressed for many years in the cells of the body. Often, a tense area of the body holds onto pain and trauma that a person has suffered from long ago. This is due to cell and muscle memory. So once this part of the body is finally able to relax through a deep self massage, the trauma and emotions associated with it can finally be released.

Bodywork classes are a great way to unwind your muscles after a more intense workout such as Boxing & Martial Arts classes. Contact us today for more information on how to fit this class into your weekly workout routine. Our personal trainers are dedicated to formulating a tailored guide that will work, but not overextend, your body.

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