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Barre Classes

Create a toned sculpted body through ballet principals.

A combination of ballet barre, yoga, Pilates, and strength training to create a longer and leaner body.
A ballet inspired workout to chisel and tone.
Basic ballet barre and floor exercises.
Restore muscular balance, strengthen and stretch the body on the ballet barre.
Barre workout that tones and stretches the body.
Blends art & science by reinforcing classical ballet principles, placement, and alignment.

Barre Classes

Barre is an excellent way to develop lean muscle tone and a balanced physique by targeting muscles that stabilize the body. These muscles often ignored in our everyday life and by other forms of exercise. This type of class can also help lower stress, burn calories, and assist you in developing full body control in addition to an improved overall sense of aesthetics.

Improve Endurance: Barre classes comprise of various types of movements that increase stamina and help in strengthening muscle fibers. This helps remove the tremors that sometimes occur when the body is kept completely still in certain positions.

Enhance Flexibility: Barre involves a lot of stretching, which increases flexibility. Any tightness or tension in the muscles can lead to posture problems and back pain, making even simple physical activity difficult. Stretching the muscles helps relieve such tension and allows ease of movements.

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NYHRC provides a number of different Barre Classes at various health fitness club branches across the city. Get a lean physique and develop a strong mind-body connection by choosing from the above classes.

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