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Aqua Classes

Jump into our saltwater pools and find your fit.

Make waves in this total body conditioning program using AquaLogics resistance bells to maximize muscular endurance and strength.
A cross training workout featuring non-impact aerobics & strength training exercises.
An easy to follow calorie-burning Zumba fitness class in the water.
An open level class series that incorporates continuous swimming on a tether with targeted conditioning drills. Sign up required.

Aqua Classes

Water aerobics, or aqua workouts, are one of the most productive forms of exercise. It helps to build strength, while training you in cardio and resistance. The best part is that it causes less stress to the joints than other types of exercise. Plus, being in the water is a great way to relax the mind after a hard day.

Burn Calories Quickly: The amazing combination of cardio and strength workouts, along with resistance training, ensures that the body gets a complete workout. You can burn up to 400 to 500 calories in just an hour of aqua exercise, based on the intensity of the exercise, water temperature, buoyancy, and weights used.

Alleviate Joint Pain: Studies show that aquatic exercises relieve strain and pressure on the joints. Also, hydrotherapy is said to be useful for people suffering from frequent joint problems.

NYHRC runs several Aqua Classes at multiple fitness club locations across the city. Get enrolled in any one of these classes to lose weight while relaxing the mind.

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