How to Exercise Like a Football Pro

January 30th, 2017

With the biggest game of the year on Sunday, don’t just sit on the sidelines. Get up and get moving with a pro-football approved workout from NYHRC’s GridIron Power instructor and former pro football player, JayD Dantzler.


“The training drills are designed to torch calories and can be done anywhere, even during a commercial break” says JayD. “On game day, grab a partner and compete to complete the most reps. You’ll burn calories, build strength and have a blast. Plus, you can also enjoy the game while working out.”  



Repeat each exercise 10 times for 15 minutes


Line Shuffles (Lateral Shuffles)

- Take an athletic stance and keep your core tight.

- Roll slightly onto the balls of your feet.

-Laterally shuffle across the floor twice, dropping your hips and touching your outside foot with your inside arm.

-Repeat in opposite direction, moving fast and getting as low as you possibly can.

- To modify, instead of touching your foot, touch the outside of your knee.


Red Zone Sprints (A Skips)

- Start by getting hyped (bounce up and down on the balls of your feet) .

- Run in place, bringing your knees into your chest. Make sure you’re skipping while running.   


Touchdowns (Single Arm Planks)

- Start in a standing position.

- Take one hand and place it on the floor.

- Kick out your legs so that you’re in single arm plank position.

- Extend the arm that’s not on the floor and pull it back in towards body.

- Jump back up to standing position.

- Repeat, alternating arms.

- To modify, step back one leg at a time instead of kicking both legs back simultaneously.



Want to train like a football pro? Take GridIron Power, every Thursday and Sunday morning at NYHRC 23rd Street. Click HERE for the weekly class schedule at times.