Various styles of yoga for all levels. Learn technique and deepen your practice and reap the physical and mental rewards.

Vinyasa Yoga
Flow class including salutations with an emphasis on linking breath with movement, strength and form.

Athletic Yoga
This vigorous and challenging flow class links breath with movement, while strengthening your practice.

Alignment Flow
A flow class with emphasis on alignment and form using black & or straps. 

Belly Laugh Yoga 
An athletic alignment based class with interactive comic relief. 

Provides a balance of dynamic postures for strength and balance, combined with yin, passive long-held postures for flexibility and calm.

Pumped Up Yoga 
Vinyasa flow blended with light weights to target and strengthen muscle groups for a lean, toned and powerful body. 

Restorative Yoga
Uses flowing yoga postures to warm the body for relaxation and deep restorative posture.

An intuitive flow series of yoga postures using elements of our natural world: earth, fire and liquid.

Urban Meditation
Calm the mind and improve focus with guided imagery and breath.

Express Mediation:
An all natural brain booser that gives you a time, a place and a space where you can simply experience what you are and might be.

Warm Yoga 
A series of 26 yoga poses in a warm room to help deepen your stretch and bring you to elevated consciousness.

Gentle Yoga 
Empasizes gentle movement, alignment and stretching. Great for beginners.