Transform yourself by toning, sculpting and defining your muscles.

Bootcamp Sculpt

A fast-paced aerobic workout that conditions the entire body and utilizes resistance equipment.

Diezel Sculpt/Diezel HIIT
A full body workout designed to strengthen and tone the upper and lower body utilizing weights, bands, and body bars.

Knockout Sculpt 
Combines athletic movement, functional training and military drills.

Military Muscle
Functional training with spirit of teamwork to build strength and increase endurance in a high-energy and safe environment.

Bosu Balance
Interval class utilizing the bosu ball to engage and stabilize through balance and integrating free weights to sculpt and tone the muscles.

Hard Core
Concentrates on lower body, abdominals, back and core stabilization.

Ultimate Abs
Taught by Mr. Abs himself, this class will take your core to the max.

Athletic Abs
Focuses on abs and obliques to tone and tighten the core.

Total Sculpt, Body Sculpt, Power Sculpt 
A full body workout with weights, bands and body bars to strenthen and restore muscular balance.


Targets arms, abs and glutes.


Targets  glutes, abdominals, back to tone and stabilize your core.


A total body workout using a 6ft. body band for strength, length, & balance.

Sculpt & Barre
Sculpting class that combines strength with barre training techniques.

Bootcamp Sculpt
Intense full body workouts designed to strengthen and tone the upper and lower body.

Interval Sculpt
Cardio drills are interspersed with strength training in active rest.

A strength workout from BeachBody with a challenging total body format including upper, lower body, abs & core. 

Cardio Core
An interval workout that targets the mid parts of the body & concentrates on legs, glutes, abdominals, back and stabilization. 


An intense boot camp that utilizes dynamic core training, changes in rhythm, full ranges of motion and light cardio to lengthen and tone. 

A NYHRC exclusive. Targets the core of the body & concentrates on legs, glutes, abdominals & back.

This new HIIT class by Zumba® will push you past your plateaus and help you reach your fitness goals. Moving in sync with the music will make you work harder and have a great time doing it.