K.O. your daily routine by using traditional methods to learn new skills, sequences and techniques.

Diezel Kickboxing and Diezel boxing
Non-stop kick and boxing workout that combines strength training and cardio combos.

Diezel Kick Impact
An impact circuit incorporating elements of Kung Fu, Karate and Muay Thai. Focus is on punching, kicking & technique (mitts and pads).

JAB (Kickboxing)
A user-friendly cardio boxing class incorporating jabs, kicks, cross overs and upper cuts.

A full body workout that combines kickboxing, boxing, strength and drills to sculpt your body and make you a KNOCKOUT!

Cardio Kick
A combination of boxing with strength training, aerobics, and kickboxing drills.

Boxing Circuit
Interval training with boxing drills designed to find your edge and knock it out.

Boxing Bootcamp
An intense strength training workout that combines strength intervals with cardio segments.

A dance based fusion class that blends the power of boxing with the core control of pilates for strength and definition.

Tai Chi
An ancient Chinese martial arts system of paced exercises utilizing breathing techniques.

Karate Conditioning
A practice based on traditional Japanese karate, blending body, mind & spirit.

101 Self Defense
Be Aware, Be Mindful, Be Ready. Learn the tools you will need for Self Defense.