Make the most of your time by combining the best practices of your favorite workouts and learning new ones.

A challenging mind/body workout that combines elements of yoga, pilates, strength training, Tai Chi and dance.

A full-body workout combining the muscle sculpting benefits of Pilates with the strength and flexibility of yoga.

A methodology based on circular movement through natural movement of the spine to rejuvenate, reconnect and gently stretch the body.

Blends high energy aerobic dance with plyometric training.

The Metrix
Isometrics meets Plyometrics with a sprinkling of Pilates resulting in a stronger, more flexible body.

Body Fusion
A low-resistance weight class with standing bar exercises.

Buti Yoga® 
A soulful blend of power yoga, tribal dance and deep core engagement. 

Cardio Balance Pilates (CBP)
Cardio, Strength & Flexibility are the 3 components of fitness, fuse them together and see what happens. Lean muscles, cardio vascular benefits, balance, strength & endurance.

A NYHRC exclusive non barre, non impact total body workout. Uses bands, light weights & body bars to help you push, pull & move your body improving posture, flexibility & strength.