Feel the rhythm and learn new routines while getting lost in the movement.

A dynamic fitness program including Latin rhythms, easy-to-follow moves, sculpting and resistance training.

A Bollywood inspired interval dance workout with upbeat music from around the world.

Hip Hop
A high energy choreographed add on dance class that will have you dancing to the latest Hip Hop & R&B tunes. 

Broadway Dancin'
A fun, low impact Broadway style dance workout choreographed to your favorite Broadway tunes.

Just Dance/Cardio Mix
A high-energy, cardiovascular workout set to club dance music.

Masala Bhangra® 
A blend of traditional Bhangra dance steps and Bollywood moves.

Dance HIIT

A NYHRC exclusive choreographed dance class that blends dance with HIIT intervals for a challenging dance party workout.



Ballroom Dance

A comprehensive dance program, including a full range of Latin & standard ballroom dance and more (Salsa, Argenine Tango, Merengue, Swing).

Belly Dance Workout
A choreographed easy to follow belly dance workout that will chisel your core, burn calories and have you moving like a belly dancer. 

Retro Aerobics
High-energy, cardio routines set to 70s & 80s music. 

Caribbean Heat
A non stop high intensity hot cardio dance workout set to the latest dance hall & soca tracks that will make you sweat like you are on a sunny island vacation.