What You Need to Know about Superspices

Spoonfuls of spices on a table.
June 14, 2017

We all know about superfoods—those nutrient-rich foods essential for healthy eating—but
but let’s give superspices the spotlight. The seasonings in dishes matter very much, and NYHRC personal trainer, Moe Widdi shares the best ones to spice up your next meal:

  • Oregano
    Oregano ranks as a top antioxidant. One tablespoon is equivalent to eating a medium- sized apple.
  • Cinnamon
    You loved cinnamon before and now you’ll love it even more! This powerful antimicrobial agent kills E. coli and many other bacteria. Cinnamon also consists of anti-inflammatory compounds, is great for blood sugar regulation, and balances cholesterol levels.
  • Turmeric
    Turmeric is a superstar as it’s anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and an immune booster. It’s 5-8 times stronger than vitamin C and E and fights off hydroxyl radical, one of the most reactive oxidants.
  • Basil
    Basil is packed with vitamin A, C, and K, loaded with flavonoids and filled with iron, magnesium, manganese, and potassium. It also prevents cell damage from radiation and oxygen.
  • Ginger
    Ginger is perfect for treating nausea and an upset stomach. It’s also the best ingredient to include in your home remedies for preventing and curing the common cold.
  • Fenugreek
    This Mediterranean herb is great for menstrual cramps, menopausal symptoms, cholesterol, and diabetes.
  • Cayenne pepper
    The spiciest of them all, cayenne pepper is an anti-irritant and decongestant. Plus, it’s a well-known digestive aide as it can boost the metabolism and shrink fat tissue.

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