Why You Should Make Body-Weight Training Part of Your Fitness Routine

Two friends working out together doing pushups
July 31, 2017

Body-weight training is jam-packed with benefits. This take-with-you-anywhere workout helps quickly build strength, flexibility and muscles, and best of all, is equipment free!

“The quickest way to improve deconditioned muscles is body-weight training,” says NYHRC 23rd Street Personal Trainer, Luis Pertuz. “It’s incredibly efficient since we are always carrying ourselves.”

Deconditioned muscles occur when there’s very little physical activity or circulation in the body. “If you’re new to working out and your lifestyle is predominantly sedentary, your body will endure some level of damage due to repetitive patterns in your day-to-day routine,” says Luis. “Waking up, getting ready, going to work, sitting for the better part of 8.5 hours, going home to sleep and repeating this time and time again leads to very little room for activity and circulation. Eventually, this causes deconditioning of movement to the body, which can lead to injury. Body-weight training is a simple yet effective way to prevent this from happening, which is why it’s so important to incorporate it into your routine.”

Jumpstart your circulation with Luis’s favorite body-weight circuit:

  • Hands over head body weight squats (15 reps)
  • Push-ups (15 reps)
  • Side shuffles (1 minute)
  • Plank position (1 minute)

Repeat 5 times

Looking for more body-weight workout ideas? Book a session with one of our personal trainers.

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