Keys to Avoiding Injury While Exercising

Woman Stretching
March 7, 2017

When exercising and building muscle, focusing only on numbers and end results can backfire by injuring and causing stress to your body. Here are five tips to help you workout smarter:

Know Your Body

As much as we want to push ourselves to the limit to get our dream body, every physique has boundaries. Learn and always be mindful of your body’s limitations and past stresses it has endured. NYHRC instructor, Duant Cooley advises, “Not everything is for everyone. It’s important to do what you feel and feel what you do.”

Get a Personal Trainer

Having a personal trainer assess, guide and build a personalized program guarantees you will be doing the correct workout for your body type. The proper amount of weight and rest time led by a professional will help you safely reach your personal best.


Make sure you stretch both before and after a workout to increase flexibility. Flexibility helps with your workout performance and lessens the risk of injury by ensuring your ligaments are working more naturally.

Have Good Shoes

Support is a huge part of exercising—it provides a foundation so that your body can excel during workouts. Running, cross training and cycling require sneakers with the proper cushion and support.

Rest Days

Don’t be hard on yourself for resting a day or two without workouts. Your body needs time to heal. Overworking your workout can lead to injury which is why rest and recovery days are so important. Read more about how you can make the most of your recovery days HERE.

Looking for more tips to keep you injury free? Setup a free consultation with a NYHRC personal trainer. Click here for more details.

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