Why You Should Go Green with Vegetable Smoothies

Top view of a rustic wooden table filled with green fruits and vegetables.
August 22, 2017

Next time you’re craving a post-workout smoothie, skip the fruit and grab that green.

“It’s important to stay away from fruit smoothies – they are lying to you!” says NYHRC 23rd Street Personal Trainer, Elysia Cronheim. “They are packed with so much sugar that you may as well have a soda or slice of cake. Your best option is to stick to greens like kale, spinach, watercress, and chard. Throwing in a banana or apple for sweetness is fine, but you shouldn’t make fruit the main component.”

Below are a few go-to green drinks:

Kale & Apple Smoothie
This vegan drink keeps your stomach full and satisfies your sweet tooth so you don’t have to worry about those unhealthy cravings.

Savory Garden Green Smoothie
No time to cook? No problem! This savory smoothie incorporates all the protein you need to help you power through your day.

Watercress & Apple Smoothie
This easy-to-make smoothie is perfect for those afternoon snack cravings.

Looking for more tips on how to get your diet on the right track? Book a consultation with NYHRC nutritionist, Alanna Cabrero

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