NYHRC Saltwater Swimming Pool Locations

One of the best and most refreshing workouts you can choose is swimming – a full-body exercise that’s a great calorie-burner as well as great cross-training for other cardio activities. In addition, swimming fully supports your joints, so it’s particularly effective as a complete, low-impact activity. Immerse yourself in one of New York Health & Racquet Club’s eight saltwater pools and join any one of our group fitness classes like Aquacise, Aqua Boot Camp or Aqua Zumba®. Or visit NYHRC’s Cooper Square/Astor Place location and try our unexpected indoor waterfall spa – an experience unlike any other.

NYHRC Saltwater Swimming Pool Locations:

NYHRC has kids' swim hours every Saturday and Sunday at 6 locations:

  • 21st Street (Saturday: 10am to 1pm, Sunday: 10am to 1pm)
  • 23rd Street (Saturday: 1pm to 3pm, Sunday: 1pm to 3pm)
  • 45th Street (Saturday: 10am to 1pm, Sunday: 10am to 1pm)
  • 50th Street (Saturday: 9am to noon, Sunday: 9am to noon)
  • 56th Street (Saturday: 8am to 11am, Sunday: 8am to 11am)
  • 76th Street (Saturday: 4pm to 6pm, Sunday: 4pm to 6pm)