Friends with Benefits: Why You Should Workout as a Couple (or with a buddy!)

Workout with kettlebells
February 11, 2016

Those who sweat together, stay together. Whether it’s your BFF or BAE, grabbing a buddy and hitting the gym this Valentine’s Day (or any other day of the year) will not only make your workout fun, but can also be more rewarding. Here’s what NYHRC fitness instructors say about the benefits of buddying-up.

Pilates instructor, Laura Wootton, makes time at night to exercise with her beau: “I frequently do yoga while he does martial arts; we do it at the same time regularly which helps us stay on track. We set a timer for 45 minutes and workout at our own pace. It’s an amazing motivator.”

Wootton also suggests that her students meditate with their significant other. Focusing the meditation on what you’re grateful for in your partner can help improve your connection and rekindle your fire.

Cycle instructor, Felicia Walker, notices that when friends workout together, they are not only more motivated, but also feel more comfortable. Often, people take her lunchtime class together as it’s both social and productive: “High-intensity classes bring people together,” says Walker. “They can feel like they accomplished (or survived!) as a team. Friendly competition promotes more energy and encourages a community feel.”

Additionally, you’ll share some of the added benefits of working out, like better sleep, less stress and more concentration, all of which can help you in your relationships and daily life. So, in honor of Valentine’s Day, grab a partner and maximize your workout (and enjoyment).

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