Fit-spirational New Year’s Resolutions from Team NYHRC

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December 31, 2015

Happy New Year! Now that you’re out of that hazy fog of the holidays, it’s time to set some healthy goals for 2016. NYHRC’s popular teachers share their New Year’s resolutions:

Taro Kawaii, Kangoo and Urban Rebounding Instructor:

I will cut sweets this year. I love sweets. Cakes, especially. I teach many high-intensity classes and that was my excuse to eat anything I wanted. Have you ever visited Lady M Cake Boutique? How about HARBS in Chelsea? Those are all amazing cake places from Japan, and I showed too much support for my community last year—so much that I’ve lost my abs and hesitate to wear my Speedo in my Aqua class! So, I am cutting my sweets and will become bikini-ready even in winter!

Tanya Badgely, FLUIDITY and Pilates Instructor:

I have two resolutions: first, to spend time every week working on a book project that I have. Second, to ride my bicycle along the bike path by my apartment more frequently, no matter how busy I am. This past year I didn’t have a lot of downtime, and I missed all the fresh air.

Jermaine Bailey, Diezel Kick, Sculpt and Impact Instructor:

I want to expand my brand of Diezel Dragon Fitness into an app, travel the world and teach it to other aspiring instructors.

Robin Mandel, Aqua and Strength Instructor:

I want to start making a full schedule with an eating plan, water consumption plan and activity plan, everyday. Also, to stop hitting the snooze button; to finish eating by 8 p.m. every night; to listen to 15-30 minutes of personal development every night before bed; to do 30 push-ups and 60 sit-ups after I brush my teeth every night and to focus on making this lifestyle my daily habit.

Jason Syptak, Zumba Instructor:

Personally and professionally, I don’t believe in resolutions. For the past five years since graduating from college, I’ve established themes for the year. Designing the year with a theme in mind allows me flexibility and sets me up for colorful, brighter success! My 2015 theme was Ideation Activation, and I aimed to activate all of my personal ambitions and ideas. This year, my theme is Make Meaningful Impact, so I’ll focus on living authentically, meaningfully, and purposefully in each area of my life.

Victor Cabezas, Sculpt and HIIT Instructor:

I’m going old school – I want to give it my all teaching a retro aerobics class on Fridays at 12:15 p.m. at 50th Street and on a personal note, I want to spend more time with family – to see my daughter and grandson more often.

Levi James, Boxing and Strength Instructor:

In 2016, I aim to eat more organic foods (especially meat) and second, to drink substantially less coffee.

Heather Fay, Pon de Flo Instructor:

I want to give back more – either through charities, food drives, animal rescues, homeless shelters or fundraisers. My personal resolution is to simplify everything in my life (bills, material items, responsibilities). Here’s to maintaining simplicity throughout 2016!

Stephenie Skaferowsky, Dance Instructor:

Healthy lifestyle choices are year round – no need to wait for a special occasion to take action! If making a resolution this year, resolve to stay committed to yourself. So get your sweat on in a class, session, or outside – the time is there, treat yourself well and fill up on all those tasty, good for you, antioxidant-filled foods. Take time to decompress and time for you! Being active is important and so is mental health. Stay committed, be your best and live your best in 2016!

As always, NYHRC is here to help you accomplish your goals. Check out our class schedule for over 600 weekly activities to inspire healthy habits for 2016.

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