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Check out our newly renovated facilities at Cooper Square, 13th & University and Whitehall / Water St.

Beautiful mind-body studios now open at 13th Street and Whitehall St.


RT @bstebner: So deliciously sore after last night's Jungle Gym #50in90 workout at @NYHRC

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We challenge you to a 50-minute boxing workout. Bag work, abs, boxing class or working with one of our boxing... http://t.co/8jU7udALbF

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RT @JDiezelFitness: DIEZEL MMA Also pad work with me! Friday's at 1pm only @nyhrc !! #boxing #fitness #50for90 http://t.co/Mf7WkDAB6S

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The NYC marathon is approaching... Runners & athletes, check out our class Yoga for Runners:

NYHRC 56th & 6th Ave, Thursdays  •  6:30pm with Laura Brett





Best Gyms and Health Clubs in New York City in 2013

For the wanna-be Rockette: New York Health & Racquet ClubThis family-owned gym, which prides itself on its creative fitness classes, adds a new one to its West 23rd Street location in January. High Kicks, a complimentary group class taught by Rockette Barbi Powers, tones and tightens legs and butts with classic moves like toy-soldier marches and the famous kick lines. Attendees will learn barre choreography and can even bring nonmember friends ($25). Relax postworkout in the club’s Turkish saunas and steam rooms, or with a massage.